Monday, June 24, 2013

Life Studio Wrap-Up

For several months a number of friends and colleagues have been getting together on the last Sunday of the month for a life drawing/painting session. Yesterday was the last session before a long summer break - we won't get together again, at least in that setting, until the end of September. We didn't have a large turnout, only six of us, but there was some very good work accomplished.

I chose to tackle the water miscible oils again. I'm really enjoying them, and I love walking into my studio to be met by the odour of oil paint. I suspect I will be painting less often with acrylics in the future.

This is a small study, 12"x16", on a previously enjoyed canvas panel. I framed the face with the hair and dark clothing first, blocking it in very quickly, trying to get the big shapes in the right proportion to one another. Then came the longer, often frustrating construction of the face itself - reshape that cheek, warm up the nose, scrape off the eyes and try again, try to get that little quirk in the corner of her mouth... It just goes on and on, until either time runs out or you don't think there's anything else you can do, short of starting fresh.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing to compare with joy of creating an image, either on paper or canvas or the digital screen. But don't let anyone ever tell you it isn't work!

To be honest, while the likeness to the model is evident, it's not a very good portrait. But as a painting exercise I'm quite pleased. And I can't wait to get together with my painting buddies again in the Fall.

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